Episode 5: Daltanious!


We’re back!….. and we’re bringing an episode of Retro Mecha Podcast that we’re particularly proud of and have worked quite hard on over the last few months.

This time Ian and I discuss Mirai Robo Daltanious (Daltanious: Robot of the future) a super robot show from 1979 created by the legendary Nippon Sunrise.

I’ve wanted to talk about this show since we started the podcast as it’s become somewhat of a favourite of mine in the last few years since I first watched it.

We’ve said more than once on the podcast that our mission statement is to encourage people to check out the classic mecha shows of yesteryear and also provide a bit of context on where they sit in the evolution of the genre.  We also like to shine a spotlight on mecha anime that’s not been readily available in the west or has been overlooked.

For this very reason there’s truly no better fit for our podcast than Daltanious.  It’s never had the benefit of a UK or US release which we both feel is quite a disservice since this is the super robot show that seems to have kickstarted the “lion mecha” phenomenon in Japan seen in everything from Beast King Golion to GaoGaiGar King of Braves and many a Super Sentai show. Also because the fansubbed version we watched is a fairly recent release and the show is 40 years old now I’d wager it’s one of the most little seen mecha shows in English speaking fandom. Indeed there seems to be very little about it on the internet at the time of this episode and blog post being published.

A special shoutout to Lurrah Productions for subbing this little seen but hugely enjoyable slice of mecha anime history. Without people like them we really couldn’t review as many of the shows we do as even now in 2019 sadly there remains a large number of vintage anime (mecha and otherwise) that simply don’t have an official western release on home video or streaming services.

If you’d like to watch Daltanious for yourself prior to our review you can check out Lurrah’s Daltanious fansubs at the following page:


Also if you’d like to speak to Lurrah productions fansub group you can contact them on Twitter @hystalin

Finally here’s the actual episode itself (Episode 5 of Retro Mecha Podcast).

If you enjoyed it and want to talk Daltanious with us you can either comment below or contact the two of us on Twitter. Craig at: @animeheadsretro and Ian at @retroanime or the podcast at: @retromecha



Italian DVD release (our European cousins were lucky enough to get this show both on TV and on DVD) however unfortunately it completely bypassed the English speaking territories until the recent fansub release in 2016.


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